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Special Enrollment Package for all Food Matters students (offer ends soon! 30/6/24)

We’re delighted to extend a special offer to all Food Matters students. An incredible multi-course deal to extend your knowledge and save you thousands of dollars in enrolment fees!

Food Matters

enroll in 2 courses & get 2 FREE!

Enrol in the Certificate III in Fitness + Certificate IV in Fitness and RECEIVE THE Certificate III in Business + Sport Nutrition Specialist courses FOR FREE!

(Food Matters students save thousands of dollars in enrollment fees)

Senior Fitness Instructor

An exceptional multi-course learning bundle that empowers you with …

  • A solid understanding of gym environments, including conducting health assessments, leading fitness programs, and facilitating groups.
  • Expertise in personal training, nutrition advice, and physiology principles application.
  • A strong foundation in sports nutrition, enabling you to guide athletes and recreational exercisers.
  • Enhanced career prospects, allowing you to work in a gym or establish your own personal training business.
  • Boosted business skills, including efficiency, attention to detail, and organization, setting you apart from other job applicants.

Gain Essential Nutrition Knowledge

Enhance your fitness career with vital nutrition expertise. Learn to provide comprehensive dietary advice, guide athletes on optimal nutrition, and understand key physiology principles.

This knowledge you will learn in the Sports Nutrition Course will not only improve your personal health but also boost your credibility and effectiveness as a fitness professional.

Master the Gym Environment

Achieve a solid understanding of gym operations with the Certificate III in Fitness. Learn to conduct health assessments, lead fitness programs, and facilitate group workouts.

This certification prepares you to work confidently in gym environments, providing a strong foundation for a successful fitness career..

Advance Your Personal Training Expertise

With the Certificate IV in Fitness, elevate your skills in personal training. Gain advanced knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and client management.

This certification enables you to provide tailored fitness programs, offer expert nutritional advice, and apply physiology principles, ensuring your clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Build Strong Business Foundations

Develop essential business skills and elevate your fitness career. The Certificate III in Business equips you with efficiency, organization, and attention to detail, setting you apart in the job market.

Gain the knowledge to manage operations, understand business principles, and confidently run your own personal training business.



Claim This Special Offer

To claim this bundle and save thousands of dollars, simply enter your details into the contact form. Note: This is an exclusive offer so you must be a registered Food Matters student to claim this offer.

When you enrol, ensure you mention “Food Matters” so our staff can apply the special discount. We are thrilled to present you with this exciting opportunity to extend your learning and deepen your understanding of fitness and overall wellness.

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