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Navigating the World of Infection Control Training

Exploring Health Administration Courses

Introduction to Health Administration Courses

Health administration courses are your ticket to mastering the art of running healthcare facilities. These courses dive into everything from healthcare systems and medical lingo to managing people and money. By signing up for a health administration course, you’re setting yourself up for roles like hospital admin, medical office manager, or even healthcare consultant.

Picking the right health administration course is key to kickstarting your career. Whether you’re eyeing a hospital administration course or a healthcare administration certificate, these programs pack a punch with all the training for infection control and other essential skills you need to tackle the healthcare world head-on.

Why Infection Control Training Matters

Infection control training is a big deal in health administration courses. The HLTINFCOV001 — Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures course is a game-changer for anyone wanting to keep infections at bay in the workplace. This course teaches you the ropes on cleaning surfaces, spotting risks, and stopping diseases in their tracks.

The HLTINFCOV001 course hammers home the need for standard and transmission-based precautions to keep infection risks low across various industries. By finishing this course, you’ll be a pro at making sure workplaces are COVID compliant, controlling infections, cleaning surfaces, and identifying hazards (College of Health & Fitness).

CourseDurationKey Skills AcquiredCertification
HLTINFCOV001 — Infection Control6 monthsInfection prevention, surface cleaning, risk identificationStatement of Attainment

Knowing how to stick to infection control policies and procedures is a must for keeping hygiene and infection control practices top-notch. This knowledge is vital for protecting patients, clients, and healthcare workers in all sorts of settings. Once you nail the HLTINFCOV001 course, you’ll get a statement of attainment, a recognized unit of competency across Australia (College of Health & Fitness).

For more scoop on health administration courses that include training for infection control, check out our articles on health care administration course and medical receptionist training. These courses lay down a solid foundation for anyone looking to jump into the healthcare industry.

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Certificate III in Health Administration (HLT37315)

What’s This Program All About?

The Certificate III in Health Administration (HLT37315) is your ticket to kickstarting a career in healthcare. This course packs in all the must-have skills to thrive in hospitals, medical practices, and allied health facilities.

Sign up, and you’ll dive into health and safety, medical lingo, and infection prevention. It’s a solid stepping stone to becoming a healthcare assistant (College of Health & Fitness). Plus, it’s nationally recognized, so your skills will be in demand all over Australia.

Jobs you can snag after finishing this program include:

  • Admissions Clerk
  • Admin Assistant
  • Ward Clerk
  • Medical Receptionist

Curious about more courses? Check out our health administration courses.

What You’ll Learn and How You’ll Use It

The Certificate III in Health Administration (HLT37315) covers a bunch of crucial topics to set you up for success. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn:

ModuleSkills You’ll Pick Up
Health and SafetyInfection control, work health and safety protocols
Medical TerminologyUsing medical terms like a pro
Infection PreventionMastering infection control, super important post-COVID
Administrative SkillsAdmissions, patient records, top-notch customer service

This program is all about giving you practical skills you can use right away. For example, you’ll learn infection control measures that are vital in today’s healthcare settings. The training for infection control you receive will prepare you to handle any infection risks that come your way.

The health industry is booming, with job growth expected to hit around 12% between 2019 and 2024. This surge is thanks to a bigger focus on aged care, community health, and infection control, opening up loads of job opportunities.

Finish this course, and you’ll be ready for roles like Health Admin Worker, Admissions Clerk, or Ward Clerk. Want to know more about career paths and further studies? Check out our sections on medical administration certificate and healthcare administration certificate.


What’s the HLTINFCOV001 Course All About?

The HLTINFCOV001 course is your go-to for mastering infection control, especially if you’re diving into health administration. This course is all about keeping infections at bay, making sure you’re up to speed with the latest precautions to keep everyone safe (College of Health & Fitness).

In this course, you’ll pick up crucial skills to make sure workplaces are COVID-safe, including:

  • Keeping infections under control
  • Proper surface cleaning techniques
  • Spotting risks and hazards

You’ll get the know-how to follow infection control policies and procedures in healthcare settings. This means keeping hygiene standards sky-high to protect patients, clients, and healthcare workers.

The best part? You can study online at your own pace. Finish the course in six months and get qualified while juggling your other commitments.

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Why You Should Take the Infection Prevention Course

Completing the HLTINFCOV001 course comes with a bunch of perks, especially if you’re eyeing a career in healthcare administration. Here’s why it’s worth your time:

  1. Recognized Qualification: Finish the course and you’ll get a statement of attainment in HLTINFCOV001 — Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures. This is a legit qualification across Australia (College of Health & Fitness).
  2. Boost Your Skills and Knowledge: The course covers everything you need to know about infection control. You’ll learn how to handle infection risks and apply standard and transmission-based precautions like a pro.
  3. Career Boost: With infection control being a big deal in healthcare, this course can seriously up your job prospects. Check out more career paths in our health care administration course.
  4. Flexible Learning: Study online at your own pace with expert support. Balance your studies with work or other stuff without breaking a sweat.
  5. Health and Safety First: By completing this course, you’ll help maintain top-notch hygiene and infection control practices in healthcare settings. This means safer environments for patients, clients, and healthcare workers.
Course FeatureDetails
DurationUp to 6 months
Mode of StudyOnline
CertificationStatement of Attainment in HLTINFCOV001
Key SkillsInfection control, surface cleaning, risk identification

For more info on related courses and certifications, check out our pages on medical administration certificate and healthcare administration certificate. If you’re looking for government-funded options, see our info on government funded allied health courses.

Certificate II in Health Support Services (HLT23221)

Entry-Level Course Information

The Certificate II in Health Support Services (HLT23221) is perfect for anyone looking to break into the health industry. This course covers the basics of healthcare, giving you the skills you need to snag assistant roles in health, aged, or residential care. You’ll learn how to support healthcare providers and keep things running smoothly. Plus, it’s a stepping stone to the Certificate III in Health Administration (HLT37315).

Cost, Eligibility, and Learning Platform

Good news: there are no strict entry requirements for this course. You just need to show you have the language and literacy skills to get through it.

Course ComponentDetails
EligibilityShow sufficient language and literacy skills
Learning PlatformOnline, self-paced with 24/7 access

The course costs $1250, but you might qualify for government funding to help cover the cost (College of Health & Fitness). Check out our section on government funded allied health courses for more info.

The online platform is super flexible, letting you study whenever it suits you. You can track your progress and pick up right where you left off, making it easy to juggle studies with work or other commitments.

By signing up for the Certificate II in Health Support Services, you’re setting yourself up for a rewarding career in healthcare. This course gives you the basics to support healthcare providers and opens doors to further education and advanced roles. For more info on related courses, check out our page on the medical administration certificate.

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The Importance of Infection Control in Health Support Services

One of the key areas covered in the Certificate II in Health Support Services is infection control. As a health support worker, understanding and applying infection control principles is crucial to keeping patients, residents, and yourself safe from the spread of diseases.

The course dives into topics like:

  • Standard and transmission-based precautions
  • Hand hygiene and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment
  • Managing waste and linen

By mastering these skills, you’ll be well-equipped to handle infection risks in any healthcare setting. The training for infection control you receive in this course will give you the confidence to apply best practices and contribute to a safer environment for everyone.

Advancing Your Career with Infection Control Knowledge

The infection control skills you gain from the Certificate II in Health Support Services aren’t just essential for your day-to-day work. They can also open up new career opportunities and pathways for further study.

Many healthcare facilities are looking for staff with solid infection control knowledge, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. By completing this course and showcasing your expertise, you’ll stand out to potential employers and increase your chances of landing a job or promotion.

Plus, the Certificate II is a great foundation for moving on to higher-level qualifications like the Certificate III in Health Administration. With each step, you’ll deepen your understanding of infection control and other key areas, setting you up for a thriving career in healthcare.

Take the Next Step in Your Infection Control Journey

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Our experienced trainers are passionate about giving you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the healthcare industry. With flexible online learning, nationally recognized qualifications, and a supportive community, we make it easy to fit study into your busy life.

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Don’t wait to start your training for infection control. With the right qualifications under your belt, you’ll be ready to make a real difference in the lives of patients and communities. Let’s do this!

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Final Thoughts

Training for infection control is a vital part of any healthcare professional’s toolkit. Whether you’re just starting out in a health support role or looking to advance your career in health administration, mastering infection control principles is key to keeping yourself and others safe.

The College of Health and Fitness offers a range of courses to help you build your infection control skills, from the entry-level Certificate II in Health Support Services to the more advanced Certificate III in Health Administration and HLTINFCOV001 course.

By investing in your training for infection control, you’re not just setting yourself up for career success. You’re also playing a crucial role in protecting public health and wellbeing, especially in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare today. With the right qualifications and a passion for making a difference, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Looking for training for infection control?

If you’re contemplating a career in the healthcare industry, then reach out to our team to discuss your options. The College of Health and Fitness offers a range of health courses at the Certificate II and Certificate III 3 levels that can help you kickstart your learning journey. Our friendly staff are always happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about studying health and working in the healthcare sector.


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Emotionally rewarding work
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Potential for specialisation
  • Making a difference in people’s lives
  • Job stability and growth
  • Diverse career options
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Competitive compensation and benefits

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