Are you thinking about doing a Certificate 3 or 4? Or would a Diploma be better for you? This video helps answer the questions about ‘what age…’

Hi, I’m Fiona. College of Health and Fitness Business Cert III and Business Cert IV instructor. I was asked just recently “What kind of people come and do the course? What age groups come in and do these two courses?

Basically it is available for anyone above the age of sixteen right up to however old you happen to be. A couple of students who recently attended the college were young girls who were in their early 20s, had left high school, they’d been working for a little while, and they wanted to upgrade their skills a bit. Get some formal qualifications under their belt.

They found the course to be incredibly invaluable and they had a wonderful time doing it.

That’s basically what is for you to think about.

What is it that you want to do? Do you want to extend yourself? Do you want to gain some qualifications?

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