SIS20122 Certificate II Sport & Recreation

Enhance your foundation in the dynamic field of sport and recreation with the SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation. This course is designed to reflect the roles of individuals who support the delivery of sport and recreation activities, focusing on fundamental customer service and maintenance duties under direct supervision.

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    SIS20122 Full Course Details

    Gain expertise in a rising field as a Community Activities Assistant, Recreation Assistant, Leisure Assistant, or Facility Assistant

    Gain a solid foundation in sport and recreation with the SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation. This course equips you with essential skills and knowledge for entry-level roles in the sport and recreation sector, blending practical experiences with theoretical learning. Here’s a tailored overview suitable for the SIS20122 qualification:

    • Broad Understanding of Sport and Recreation: Develop a foundational knowledge of sport and recreation practices, including the basics of organizing events, maintaining equipment, and facilitating activities, which are essential for roles in this vibrant industry​​​​.
    • Hands-on and Theoretical Learning: Receive comprehensive training that combines practical skills, such as equipment maintenance and customer service, with theoretical knowledge on health and safety in sport settings. Learn how to assist in conducting recreation sessions and respond effectively to emergency situations​​​​.
    • Exposure to Industry Professionals: The course is designed with input from experienced professionals and academics in the sport and recreation field, providing you with insights into current industry practices and future trends​​​​.

    You’ll have a 12-month window to complete the self-paced HLT23221 – Certificate II in Health Support Services, many past students have successfully completed this course in less time. You can request an extension if you find that 12 months is not enough time.

    Nationally Recognised Training

    • An education from an excellent Australian training institution. This qualification is sought after by employers, potentially improving your job prospects.
    • A qualification that you can attain while you are still working, or if you are looking for a career change.
    • Skills relevant to this industry that can make you more efficient and employable.
    • Knowledge that is highly applicable across a range of industries, not just in the health sector.
    • The support of your expert tutors, who you can contact with any questions via email or phone.

    Benefits & Features

    • Flexible Learning Environment
    • Real Job Skills You Can Acquire
    • Exciting & Fulfilling Career Options
    • A Valid Pathway To Higher Learning
    • Full Support & Learning Assistance
    • Funding May Be Available

    Topics Covered in SIS20122 – Certificate II Sport & Recreation


    • HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
    • SISOFLD001 Assist in conducting recreation sessions
    • SISXCCS004 Provide quality service
    • SISXEMR003 Respond to emergency situations
    • SISXFAC006 Maintain activity equipment
    • SISXIND011 Maintain sport, fitness, and recreation industry knowledge


    • BSBPEF301 – Organise personal work priorities
    • BSBSUS211 – Participate in sustainable work practices
    • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid
    • BSBXTW301 – Work in a Team


    Before you start this course, you will be required to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. The course does include concepts and assessments that may be challenging, and students will be required to research broadly using online resources.

    Access to a computer and the internet is required.

 Students must also find a suitable workplace to complete their work placement and have their logbook signed off. We assist students in finding a workplace to complete this requirement.

    Course Outcomes

    Upon completing the SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation, you will have developed the foundational skills necessary to support a variety of roles within the sport and recreation industry. This entry-level qualification is recognized across Australia. It is suitable for individuals aiming to start their career in the sport and recreation sector, potentially leading to roles such as Recreation Assistant, Community Activity Coordinator, or Sport and Recreation Attendant.

    • Assist in the planning and delivery of sport and recreation sessions.
    • Learn to maintain and prepare equipment for recreational activities.
    • Understand and apply basic health and safety practices in sport and recreation environments.
    • Develop customer service skills to enhance participant experience.
    • Gain knowledge of first aid to provide initial support in case of injury.
    • Understand the principles of healthy lifestyle promotion through sport and recreation.
    • Learn to work effectively in a sport and recreation team environment.
    • Acquire the skills to assist with facility maintenance and operation.
    • Enhance communication skills to support positive interactions with participants and colleagues.

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      The College of Health and Fitness has been operating for 20 years. We are registered with ASQA – offering you total peace of mind that you will come away with a recognised qualification. The best part of all is that our students have good employment prospects at the end of their course. Our SIS20122 – Certificate II Sport & Recreation graduates are highly sought after by the fitness industry. We have employers contacting us to find out who our latest high-potential graduates are. So, our former students often attain success in finding employment once they’ve completed their qualifications.