Certificate III in Fitness

Acquire the essential competencies for a career in the fitness industry with the SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness. This course prepares you to effectively guide clients towards achieving their health and fitness objectives through exercise instruction, fitness program development, nutrition advice, and health and safety adherence. You’ll gain practical skills in utilizing fitness equipment, understanding client needs, and promoting wellness and active lifestyles.

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    Gain expertise in a rising field as a Gym Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, or Personal Trainer

    If your heart is set on embarking on a new career in the fitness industry, at the College of Health and Fitness, you can take the first step by enrolling in SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness. This qualification reflects the role of group and gym fitness instructors who may plan and deliver group exercise sessions and develop gym-based programs for individuals where the level of personalised instruction and ongoing client monitoring is limited. The course prepares you for further studies, to gain nationally-recognised qualifications such as SIS40221 – Certificate IV in Fitness.

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    • In-depth knowledge of many aspects of fitness and health that are useful for those seeking employment in the fitness industry.
    • Both practical and theoretical training. You will be taught skills including giving correct program instructions to clients, how to perform specific exercises, how to remain safe in the gym, how to provide healthy eating advice, and much more!
    • Access to a first-class education program from a college that specialises in education for those seeking fitness careers.
    • Flexible online study options that allow you to study anywhere and anytime that suits your needs. Fit in your coursework around your other commitments thanks to our flexible study arrangements.
    • Ongoing support from our dedicated and knowledgeable team throughout your course of study. We are here to help, and we are only ever a phone call or an email away.
    • Access to experienced professionals to help guide you in your training journey. Our courses are designed in conjunction with an extensive network of recognised academic and industry professionals.
    • A range of flexible payment options. The SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness cost is quite economical. We do also provide an upfront payment discount or the flexibility of an easy payment plan.
    • You’ll have a 12-month window to complete the self-paced SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness, many past students have successfully completed this course in less time. You can request an extension if you find that 12 months is not enough time.

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    Your online learning platform is designed to take you through the course material so you can easily check your progress, find your place and get in contact with your course tutor.

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    Gain this qualification while you are still working or around your routine. Online study is perfect because your progress is tracked and you can pick up where you left off any time.

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    Course Outline


    • BSBOPS304 – Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers
    • BSBPEF301 – Organise Personal Work Priorities
    • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid**
    • SISFFIT032 – Complete pre-exercise screening and service orientation
    • SISFFIT033 – Complete client fitness assessments
    • SISFFIT035 – Plan group exercise sessions
    • SISFFIT036 – Instruct group exercise sessions
    • SISFFIT040 – Develop and instruct gym-based exercise programs for individual clients
    • SISFFIT047 – Use anatomy and physiology knowledge to support safe and effective exercise
    • SISFFIT052 – Provide healthy eating information

    ** FIRST AID

    • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid **Included where students can attend face-to-face delivery only. Please be aware that students who cannot attend the College will need to source HLTAID011 Provide First Aid from an independent supplier and provide the certificate as competency in this topic.


    • SISXIND011 – Maintain sport, fitness and recreation industry knowledge
    • BSBSUS211 – Participate in sustainable work practices
    • SISXEMR003 – Respond to emergency situations
    • BSBXTW301 – Work in a team

    As part of this program, you will complete a supervised work placement in a fitness facility. You must do this for a minimum of 20 hours. For those studying SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness online, you’ll do this under the supervision of an instructor that we approve.


    Before you start this course, you will be required to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. The course does include concepts and assessments that may be challenging, and students will be required to research broadly using online resources.

    Access to a computer and the internet is required.

 Students must also find a suitable workplace to complete their work placement and have their logbook signed off. We assist students in finding a workplace to complete this requirement.

    Course Outcomes

    Upon completing the SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness, you will have the expertise to support clients in achieving their fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This qualification is recognised nationwide, making you eligible for various roles within the fitness industry, such as Gym Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, or Personal Trainer.

    • Conduct fitness assessments to identify client needs and monitor progress.
    • Develop and implement individualised exercise programs.
    • Provide advice on nutrition and weight management.
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of clients by adhering to health and safety guidelines.
    • Use a range of gym equipment and techniques effectively.
    • Maintain professional and ethical standards within the fitness industry.
    • Communicate effectively with clients and colleagues to foster a supportive fitness environment.
    • Stay informed on the latest fitness trends and research to provide the best advice and service.

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      Nationally Recognised Training at The College of Health & Fitness


      The graduates of our SIS30321 – Certificate 3 in Fitness program are qualified for employment as gym instructors. We have designed this program to train you in how to provide individually tailored client assessments. You will learn about human anatomy, nutrition, and how to provide technique correction as needed. Additionally, you will find out how to develop and demonstrate programs. You’ll also study and practice various forms of exercise and effective methods for improving your client’s health and long-term fitness. Upon completion, you will be able to specialise as a gym instructor in a variety of gyms or fitness centres.

      The College of Health and Fitness has been operating for 20 years. We are registered with ASQA – offering you total peace of mind that you will come away with a recognised qualification. The best part of all is that our students have good employment prospects at the end of their course. Our SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness graduates are highly sought after by the fitness industry. We have employers contacting us to find out who our latest high-potential graduates are. So, our former students often attain success in finding employment once they’ve completed their qualification.

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