Sports Nutrition Consultant

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    Nutrition is vitally important to the success of your clients’ journeys towards their goals.

    This course will allow you to confidently design a nutrition plan for your clients, especially for those who play sport.

    Course Details

    The Course Includes 8 Modules that will cover foundational to advance diet prescription along with how to help someone manage a healthy lifestyle, the use of supplements and nutrition for sport athletes.

    This course can be completed at your own pace provided it is within 12 months. Because you’ll study using an industry-leading online learning platform, you can decide how much time to spend per week and how many hours to allocate. We will mentor you remotely and provide help whenever you need it.

    Course Outline


    • Module One – Foundations of Nutrition Part 1
    • Module Two – Foundations of Nutrition Part 2
    • Module Three – Advanced Diet Protocols Part I
    • Module Four – Advance Diet Protocols Part 2
    • Personalised Nutrition
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Supplementation
    • Nutritional Support Programming
    • Flexible Learning Environment
    • Real Job Skills You Can Acquire
    • Exciting & Fulfilling Career Options
    Nationally Recognised Training at The College of Health & Fitness

    Course Outcomes

    Upon completing the Sports Nutrition Consultant Course, you will gain foundational knowledge and skills that enable you to effectively prescribe the guidelines and dietary requirements for a client to meet their needs and goals. In the course you will learn.

    • You will be able to personalise and develop a clients nutritional eating plan by giving them the most appropriate
    • dietary modifications that will have positive outcomes for their health and well-being.
    • You will also develop Lifestyle Management skills that will allow you to assist your clients in this area.
    • The impact of supplementation on client results is also covered. This module gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about what
    • supplements you are able to recommend to your clients and which ones could be detrimental to their goals.

    Receive Course Details Via Email: