Our Story

Tony Attridge found The College Of Health and Fitness to advocate the increase in education in the fitness industry.

The College of Health and Fitness is situated in The Evergreen Centre at North Lakes. It is a family owned and run business where personalised service ensures that your training is well and truly above the minimum industry standard. This is highlighted by the fact that the majority of our graduates find work in their chosen fields before the conclusion of their course.

The staff at The College of Health and Fitness have many years of experience in their chosen fields and have supported clients with general fitness goals, injury rehabilitation and even to win Olympic gold medals. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver award winning enjoyable courses, at affordable prices. Meet Our Team!

Tony has over 20 years of adult education experience teaching Health and Fitness subjects at Universities in Brisbane as well as various private Registered Training Organisations. In addition, he has over 25 years of practical experience with the health and fitness industry.

Timeline and Accolades

1994 ACPHER Sport Science Research Award

1994– Consultation with gold medal winning State, National, International, Paralympic and Olympic athletes across a range of sports

1996– Trained athletes at every Olympic Games since 1996

2003 – Contributed to The Complete Soccer Player interactive CD ROM published by GSM and endorsed by Football Australia 2006-2008 Finalist for the Griffith University Sessional Academic Staff of the Year

2004 – First Correctional Centre Student

2005 First School Program

2007 Nominee for Qld Fitness Professional of the Year

2007 Co-authored the Essential Guide to Fitness for the Personal Trainer published by Pearson Education

2007  Trained the Australian Vocational Student of the Year Award prize winner Ellen Winn

2008  Nominee for the Griffith University Sessional Academic Staff of the Year

2008  Winner of the ACPHER QLD Corporate Award

2009  Two Australian Vocational Student of the Year Award prize winners

2010  Queensland Training Awards Nominee

2010 Trained North Queensland School Based Trainee of the Year

2011 Queensland Training Awards Nominee

2011 Co-authored ‘The Essential Guide to Fitness for the Personal Trainer’ published by Pearson Education (2nd Edition)

2013  Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 3

2014  Right Way Trainer and Assessor and Industry Advisor Accreditation

2019 – Australian Weight Loss Leader of the Year & New Learning Platform 

2023 – Added Cert II & III in Health Administration & Cert II in Sports Coaching

2024 – Tony Attridge was awarded the Outstanding Leader of the Year and Vocational Education of the year by Education 2.0

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    Our Mission

    To educate people for the purposes of gaining employment that enriches their lives and the lives of the people they work with.

    Our Vision

    To become a nationwide educator in sports, fitness, health & business.

    Online Learning is the Future of Education

    More than 6 million students are currently in online courses as part of their higher education program

    Advances in technology has allowed students and trainers alike to work and learn in a more flexible manner. Faster internet speeds and the quality of audio and video content means a rich and enriching experience for everyone.

    Almost half of all students enrolled in online courses are educated exclusively through distance education

    Reaching students from far away towns and properties through distance education has been a long tradition in Australia. Howeve,r the use of online learning only made it easier and more effective.

    85% of students think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience

    With computer software and video conferencing, the online experience is still incredibly effective. Having interactions with trainers and fellow students makes all of the difference.