On November 21, the College will be hosting a Certified Consumer Advocate Course run by Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd. This course is open to anyone who is interested in wellness, for themselves, or if you are a PT, for your clients. It is worth 4 CEC’s for registered fitness professionals. The cost is only $99.

Full details below, or give us a call at the College on (07) 3385 0195 or enquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.edu.au :

A Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd Training Program

Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification Workshop (4 Hrs.)

If you have a sincere interest in your own personal wellness and the wellness of those around you, enrol in the CWA workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, you will have the designation of “certified Consumer Wellness Advocate.”

Why should I become a certified Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA)?

There are many reasons to become a certified Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA). Wellness skills include; acknowledging that you are the sum of many domains and valuing the components of each domain; balance in your perspective across all domains; recognition of the impact of your life choices in other domains; development of skills that enable you to grow and optimally achieve in each domain Imagine the quality of life you and your loved ones will enjoy once empowered with wellness skills. Our model, entitled “Prevention through Wellness!” includes valuable information and specific skills in 10 distinct wellness dimensions.

Once you have successfully completed the CWA training program, you will be officially added to the select group of individuals on MyWellness Registry. And, you will be able to access powerful motivation and support from professionals on the online CWA Network.

It is recognised that while not all health problems are avoidable, some of them can be prevented.

What does the Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification Program include?

The Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification Program includes the following:

• Half-day comprehensive wellness workshop led by a Registered Wellness Instructor.
• Interactive program workbook.
• Innovative personal well-being profile, the Rating of Perceived Wellness (RPW).
• Official status as a certified CWA
• Beautiful frame-ready certificate of completion and certification (downloadable).
• One-year membership to the online CWA Network through the Wellness Registry*.

Individuals having earned their CWA certification are added to The Wellness Registry*. Active monthly participation in The Wellness Registry’s online platform is required for recertification, which is reviewed on an annual basis.

Please Note: The CWA is not a health care credential. No other qualifications (professional or personal) are implied or inferred.
How much does everything cost?

The cost for the Consumer Wellness Advocate Certification Program is affordable. The one-time fee $99.00 includes everything mentioned above.

Are there any special requirements to become a CWA?

Other than a sincere interest in your own personal wellness and the well-being of those around you, no special requirements are necessary. However, in order to maintain your CWA after the first year, ongoing participation in the CWA Network is expected.

How do I become a CWA?

The workshop facilitators are experienced wellness professionals who are uniquely and exclusively qualified to deliver the Consumer Wellness Advocate certification program.

CWA Master Trainers

Robert Boyd OAM M Env. & Com H. (Co-Director of Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd)
Thomas Cuddihy PhD. (Co-Director of Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd)

These academics and practitioners have enjoyed careers in health and wellness for over thirty-five years. They have served as Wellness Director or Associate Professor in the QUT School of Exercise and Nutrition Science. At QUT they instigated University Wellness subjects which have been successfully completed by thousands of students over the years. Along with several others in 2006 they were instrumental in establishing the National Wellness Institute of Australia. Bob Boyd was an early leader in the 1980’s in establishing Fitness Accreditation Courses throughout Australia. Dr. Cuddihy has conducted research at the Queensland University of Technology on physical activity and its relationships with the various domains of wellness. He has been principal supervisor for 14 doctoral graduates several of whom have featured wellness in their doctoral dissertations. His research papers have been cited in peer reviewed literature more than 850 times. They have combined their extensive backgrounds and passion for wellness to establish Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd in order to deliver these programs in Australia & New Zealand.