A Certificate IV in Fitness is a must if you’re going to become a personal trainer in Australia. It’s a key qualification, and one that will open up a whole new load of possibilities for your career.

While a Certificate III in Fitness will help you prepare to work in gyms and teaching fitness classes, a Certificate IV is necessary for prescriptive one-to-one training, unsupervised, with your own clients.

So what do you need to know about your Certificate VI? Here are five facts that everyone should know.

1. You need it to become a PT

In order to become a personal trainer in Australia, you need to complete the Certificate IV in Fitness. This ensures that you have the right training, knowledge and experience to practice as a personal trainer and work one-on-one with clients.

The Certificate IV builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the Certificate III in Fitness, which is a prerequisite for completing Certificate IV. As it teaches you the specialist skills required to be a PT, you will become a confident and knowledgeable trainer by the time you’ve completed the course. Being a successful PT will involve working with all kinds of clients, including older people and those with disabilities or injuries, which is why it’s important to undertake the right training to make sure you can provide an effective service for all.

2. You can study in a way that suits you

The great thing about undertaking your Certificate IV is that you can study at a pace that suits you. Whether you’re just starting out your working career or you’re looking to switch careers, you can choose a study option that suits you – providing flexibility and affordability.

Face to face study remains a popular way to learn, and you can experience several benefits from learning in a classroom environment. However, at The College of Health and Fitness, we also provide an online learning option, allowing you to complete modules at your own pace to fit around your life and other commitments.

3. Payments can be flexible

Studying comes at a cost, which can be difficult if you don’t have the savings to cover your course fees. By studying for your Certificate IV, you could pay for your course in instalments, with a deposit to pay upfront. You could also qualify for a government grant which could help you pay for part or all of your fees.

Having flexible payments means you can fit your studies around your current job, making it easier to manage and easing the stress of covering your course costs.

4. You could become a qualified PT in as little as six months!

Studying to become a qualified personal trainer can take some time, as it’s important that you learn the skills and knowledge required for this responsibility. Some people are able to complete the course in as little as six months, allowing them to start a PT much sooner. However, if you’re going to be fitting in your studies around a job, school or other commitments, it could take you much longer. Some people take up to 18 months to complete all of the modules – the pace doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable.

5. It can open up doors to other careers in the fitness industry too

A Certificate IV in Fitness doesn’t just stop with becoming a personal trainer. Having the knowledge and experience that comes with the qualification can also open up other qualifications in the fitness industry, and could also inspire you to train in nutrition and other complementary services. Many personal trainers don’t just offer face-to-face training, they also provide online advice and assistance to those looking to complete their fitness goals. With the option of working in a gym or fitness centre, or even on your own, there are career options following your Certificate IV in Fitness that will give you the flexibility to design your own future.

Achieving a Certificate IV in Fitness can help you to get started in your fitness career. Working as a PT is a very rewarding role, that not only helps others but can keep your own body and mind healthy too. Personal training services can boost confidence and make a difference to someone’s life, and gives you the chance to meet all kinds of people.

If you’re interested in finding out more about gaining your Certificate IV in Fitness, get in touch today! At The College of Health and Fitness, we’ll be able to get you started on your health and fitness career, with some flexible options to suit your needs. Is a career in personal training in your future? Find out more and get started today!