Do you have the drive to help others, but aren’t sure which career is right for you? It’s time to consider a career in health administration. Go to work every day and spend your time making a real difference in people’s lives – there’s nothing more rewarding. How can you make this happen? The first step is studying Certificate III in Health Administration.

What Does A Career in Health Administration Look Like?

Health administration includes a range of potential roles that you could end up working in. Get a job as the medical receptionist at a doctor’s office. Or become an admissions clerk or ward clerk at a hospital. Otherwise, you could consider working for a private healthcare provider such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and more. 

There are plenty of options available to you, and in each one, you will be working in an office that helps people feel healthy and well. Whether that’s through relieving pain or diagnosing illnesses, you will be working on the front line of these organizations. 

As the patients’ first point of contact, it is crucial that you present a professional, friendly, and organised appearance. You will spend your days answering queries which may come through in person, or via phone or email. If you do your job well, you can help calm those nerves and help people who are nervous about their appointment to relax and feel welcome.

Worried about whether you will get a job once you have completed your studies? It has been estimated that between 2019 – 2014, employment in the health industry will increase by around 12%. As the employment rate was already high, you’re not likely to have any trouble finding a job in the industry.

What Will I Learn?

Attaining the Certificate III in Health Administration gives you a grounding in everything you will need to know to work in a healthcare facility. 

You will learn to work with people from all walks of life. In healthcare, everyone gets looked after and you must be able to interact confidently with people from any culture and any age group.

You will learn to administer first aid, should you be required to. You will also find out more about Workplace Health and Safety so that you understand how to maintain a workplace that’s safe for everyone.

Across this course of study, you will learn many administrative skills that will help you in your future career. This includes the maintenance of financial records and the implementation of information systems. Additionally, you will be able to support processes and systems for continuous improvement as well as create business documents.

Of course, for these roles you will need to have some knowledge of medical terminology and you will learn that through this course. You will also gain an understanding of how to comply with policies and procedures for preventing infections.

If you haven’t completed the previous certificate, Certificate II in Health Support Services, this is not a problem. You will just need to complete a work placement with the complete support of our instructors. Then you can continue on to studying Certificate III.

Studying at the College of Health and Fitness

Here at the College of Health and Fitness, our students love the flexibility we offer. Certificate III in Health Administration can be studied online or in-person, depending on your preference. Our online students enjoy being able to complete their coursework whenever it suits them. It allows them to fit study around what works for their lifestyle.

While the course should be finished in 12 months from the start date, online learning allows you to complete it faster if you wish. At the start of the program, you will be able to access all of the online units. You can finish these in any order you like. This is great for those who work seasonally or have on and off commitments, such as looking after their children in the school holidays. While you’re free, complete as much coursework as you like. Then give it a break for a while as other commitments take over.

If you’re looking for a course of study that will help to launch your rewarding career in the health industry, this is it. Add this certificate to your CV and employers will see that you are ready and capable to work in the health industry. We also have a strong network of employers who often contact the College of Health and Fitness to find new staff. As our excellent students graduate, we can recommend them for these positions. So, you could even have a job by the time you complete your study! Contact us today to discuss studying Certificate III in Health Administration.