Unfortunately, obesity is a global issue that is affecting many nations, including Australia. According to VicHealth, over 70% of Australians will be obese by 2025, so in order totackle this obesity epidemic in Australia we’re going to require sustained efforts and education from both the government and our communities. Personal trainers are already in high demand in Australia, assisting people in reversing the effect of obesity by getting fit, and building strength ,but when qualified in weight-management, fitness professionals can also help people by advising them on their dietary requirements. Become a personal trainer and there’s likely to be plenty of demand for your services, and more importantly, you’ll transform people’s lives both physically and mentally.

What Is Obesity?

While many have heard the term ‘obesity’, it’s important to note that it’s more than just being overweight. Obesity is a serious medical condition. It means that someone’s excess fat has increased so much that it can cause health problems. It is often measured with the Body Mass Index (BMI). Another way of measuring it is with waist circumference. The larger the circumference, the more likely the person is to experience chronic disease.

Obesity can lead to serious medical consequences including:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • musculoskeletal disease
  • some types of cancer
  • disability
  • sleep apnoea
  • psychological issues

Australia’s Obesity Problem

This obesity issue is more serious than you may think. In 2017-2018, 1 out of every 3 adults was classified as obese. In Victoria, this costs the state between $485 – $800 million annually in healthcare.

The costs of caring for these people can add up, but even more important is the lives at stake which is why if you’ve considered to become a personal trainer, then now is a good time. Obesity can lead to some serious fatal diseases as well as chronic illnesses. No one should have to live with a serious but preventable disease.

Obesity has multiple different classes, from less severe to more. The lowest classification is class I which increased by about 60% in the 20 years preceding the year 2000. In the same period, people in class III nearly quadrupled. That’s a massive problem!

The higher someone’s BMI is when they are middle-aged, the higher the chance they will experience limitations in mobility as they age. The upper BMI weight category is 27.5 to 30. For males in this BMI category, they are 50% more likely to experience disability later on. For females, this dials up to a whopping 250%!  We need you to become a Personal Trainers!

We Need Personal Trainers in Australia!

It’s estimated that by 2025, over 70% of Australians will be obese or overweight. We cannot let this crisis continue. It’s time to take action and get active to beat this epidemic overtaking Australia.

Obesity can be combatted with proper nutrition and regular exercise. By eating healthy food and getting active, it is possible to turn your life around and lose weight. Personal trainers in Australia are helping thousands of people to do exactly this. They are a crucial part of others overcoming obesity because of their expert knowledge and advice.

How can you help? By becoming a personal trainer. Personal trainers in Australia can help numerous people get their lives back on track through nutrition and exercise. If you love fitness and want to help Australia fight obesity, this is the career for you.

How Personal Trainers Get Started

How can you get started? Personal trainers in Australia start by taking Certificate III in Fitness. This is the first step as it enables you to become a Gym Instructor. This is the role that many personal trainers in Australia start in. Certificate 3 enables you to work in a gym and get your career underway.

To find out more information about the certificate, fill in your details here.

Getting Started with Certificate III

Certificate III is not just theory; it is hands-on as well, with practical applications for you. You will learn real-life skills that you can use to fight obesity by helping others get fit and healthy. You will learn many skills applicable to becoming a personal trainer.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to keep safe at the gym
  • Providing advice on nutrition
  • Performing exercises with good form
  • Instructing clients
  • Human anatomy
  • Group training
  • Fitness appraisals

Remember that you won’t be doing it alone. You will have the support of the College of Health and Fitness behind you.

Here is what they provide:

  • First-class education program from an industry-leading college
  • Flexible online study options: study from anywhere and fit it in around your work
  • Complete support from their dedicated team who are ready to answer any questions you have
  • Flexible payment options

The fact is that the state of obesity in Australia cannot continue. It’s time to take charge of your career by becoming one of the fantastic personal trainers in Australia. Help people overcome obesity by providing fantastic nutrition advice and creating exercise programs for clients.

By undertaking this amazing education program, you can start educating others and turn the tide of obesity.