Getting a Diploma in Fitness is a life-changing choice for many people. Get your career in health and fitness kickstarted with this useful, hands-on qualification. Learn real skills that you will use on the job later on!

What is A Diploma in Fitness?

The Diploma in Fitness qualification has been created especially for professionals who already have experience in the health and fitness industry. It is an excellent follow up to Certificate IV in Fitness, for those who have been working since they achieved this qualification and now want to learn some new skills. 

The entry requirements for the program include holding a valid first aid and CPR certificate. You must also have completed Certificate IV in Fitness and have worked in the fitness industry for at least one year at this level.

What Will I Learn Through the Diploma in Fitness?

The Diploma in Fitness builds on the skills you have learnt both through your experience and in your previous qualification. 

You will learn skills that help you instruct exercise techniques even better. For example, you will find out how to apply physiology and anatomy to advanced personal training. Plus, discover how to prevent injuries and instruct advanced fitness programs. 

Now that you’re an experienced fitness professional, it’s time to build your business skills. The diploma aims to help with this by teaching you to start a marketing strategy and analyse the effects of this. You will also finish the course knowing how to create a financial plan and budget and manage the performance of your staff.

There’s so much more that you will learn from this course as well, with everything covered from reflecting on your professional practice to managing risk. There’s no better way to learn new techniques and be exposed to business practices than through this qualification.

Why Get a Diploma in Fitness?

If you’re considering this diploma as your next step, then you already have a career in the fitness industry. So, why undertake further study?

There are plenty of benefits you will get from taking this course. These include:

Ability to Work in A Variety of Businesses

The business skills you will learn throughout this program of study are transferable across any fitness business. Whether you want to specialise in personal training, fitness instructing, or something else, you will learn information that applies to you. It will also equip you well if you would prefer to work for yourself and start your own business.

Hands-On Learning

As part of this course, all students complete at least 30 hours in a supervised work placement. This provides you with a chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice to cement the new techniques and information you’re learning. This is a great way to gain confidence in using your new abilities and you don’t have to wait until you have completed the qualification to try out new methodologies!

Learn from Expert Instructors

It’s always better to get advice from those who have a lot of knowledge about the industry you’re in. Taking this course gives you access to expert teachers who are there to help you with any questions you would like answered. Gain from their expertise whether it’s face to face, via email, or on the phone.

Nationally Recognised Qualification

Use this qualification anywhere across Australia to advance your career. As it is nationally recognised, you will find that having this diploma can open many doors for you in the fitness industry.

Work Where There’s No Existing Risk Management 

If you are wary of setting up your own business because of the risk management involved, that’s all about to change. Through this course of study, you will find out how to effectively manage risk, equipping you to work anywhere, even if there is no existing risk management in place. You will be able to come up with risk management strategies and implement them effectively.

Further Your Career at the College of Health and Fitness

The great thing about studying with the College of Health and Fitness is that we provide completely flexible learning options. You can study this diploma online at your own pace.  This allows you to keep up with your other commitments while still achieving the qualification. No need to drop what you’re doing to study. You’ll be able to complete your coursework in the evenings, weekends, or during the day – whatever works best for you!

The diploma was designed to be completed in around 12 months. However, because of the flexibility of online learning, many people choose to complete it faster so that they can start using the skills gained through this new qualification in even less time!

As a career investment, the cost of this study is extremely reasonable. However, if you struggle to pay the deposit up front, then you can pay it off over time instead. This makes it a more accessible option for people, no matter where they are in their lives. 

Enhance your career trajectory in a matter of months by taking this course. Contact the College of Health and Fitness today to enrol.