Why Every Fitness Trainer Should Prioritise Nutrition

As a fitness enthusiast, you must know that what you eat matters just as much as what you do in the gym. There’s no hiding away from the fact that nutrition is important. Keep reading to find out more about why nutrition is important and why nutrition should be top of the list for fitness trainers’ recommendations. Note that any fitness trainer giving nutritional advice must be qualified to do so.

The Link Between Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and fitness are partners that go hand in hand. You could have one without the other, but it won’t be as effective. If you want to change the composition of your body through increased muscle mass or decreased fat, eating healthy and working out is the best solution.

Fitness trainers need to prioritise nutrition when thinking about how they can help their clients. That’s because your nutrition can have a huge impact on how healthy you look and feel.

Food is what fuels our bodies and enables us to have enough energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including exercise. And it’s not just about remaining under a certain calorie count but eating the right types of foods to have enough energy, vitamins, and everything else our bodies require to function. Personal trainers should know all about this by studying nutrition so that they are qualified to give their clients great nutritional advice. 

The rest of this article will explore just a few of the many dietary elements that can help our bodies to perform at their peak.

Pack in the Protein

Adding protein into your diet is a superb way to support all of your hard work in the gym. The human body needs protein to repair, maintain, and grow our muscles. What’s the point in lifting heavy weights if you don’t back it up with enough protein to increase your muscle strength?

Protein contains amino acids which are the components that grow and repair muscles. They come in chains which are known as peptides and these peptides change how our body responds to both food and exercise.

If you have enough protein in your diet, the amino acids start to produce human growth hormone, and that’s exactly what you need to get bigger muscles and increase your strength.

To make it easy to get enough protein into your diet, International Protein has some of the most effective protein powders available on the Australian market. The best thing is that their products are free from fillers and anything unnecessary that your body doesn’t need. They favour high-quality ingredients which is why so many of their products include brand name ingredients.

  • Amino Charged WPI – this product contains all the essential amino acids our body needs as well as a huge amount of protein. Amino Charged WPI has an incredibly high concentration of branch chain amino acids to aid recovery after sport or training. As mentioned, it contains no fillers and also no stabilisers. There is nothing to dilute the quality protein and amino acids found in this protein powder. This is great for taking after a workout to aid recovery.
  • Protein Synergy 5 – this protein powder was designed to be an anabolic protein, meaning that it facilitates muscle growth. Protein Synergy 5 blends 5 different proteins together to create a combination that is highly effective for maximising muscle growth. As this supplement is fast-acting, it’s a great one to take before your workout to increase your energy.


That’s right, fat isn’t the enemy that most people think it is, and we do need some in our diets every single day. But it’s all about choosing the right kinds of fat that will support a healthy lifestyle

Fat has a link with exercise because it provides us with the energy we need to complete a workout, go for a run, and be generally active.

It also helps with the absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals as well as building cell membranes. It is needed for muscle movement and blood clotting. But not all fats are created equal. The fats that are thought of as good fats are unsaturated, while saturated fats are not so great for us. Studies show that when you replace saturated fat with unsaturated fat in your diet, this can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease through lowered cholesterol.


L-carnitine is another element that you should be sure to include in your diet. It has a critical role to play in producing energy thought transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria of your cells. This causes your fat to be burnt for energy.

L-carnitine is naturally produced in many areas of the body, but it can help to take a supplement to ensure that you’re getting enough.


Carni-Strip by International Protein is an excellent supplement that can help with that. It contains plenty of L-carnitine in all its forms without much fat, calories, or carbs. These improve energy levels which is great for cardio exercise, support glucose metabolism and the nervous system. 

Again, there are no fillers or other unnecessary ingredients in this product, with the very first listed ingredient being L-carnitine fumarate, not some type of filler to bulk it up.

Get Qualified to Give Nutrition Advice

Not every fitness trainer can provide their clients with nutrition advice. However, as you can see, it is of great benefit to people who are looking to exercise and feel healthy. That’s why you should also study nutrition if you are a personal trainer. This will enable you to provide your clients with extra value through fantastic dietary advice.

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