Are you an avid gym enthusiast? It’s possible that the gym constantly feels like your second home. You’re not alone, there are countless people that love going to the gym and are firmly on the fitness bandwagon. Either they could be looking to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve their physical health. It’s an option that appeals to a massive demographic from the young to the elderly.

You might have noticed when you were in the gym that a lot of people are making crucial mistakes. Perhaps they are not using the right techniques for their exercise goals. Or, it’s possible that they are not adopting the correct stance for safety. These individuals will require the support and helping hand of a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are in high demand as people are keen to ensure that they get the greatest benefit from their training. So, if you love spending time in the gym, this could be a fantastic career path for you and provide a vast range of benefits.

You might be wondering how you can do this and the answer is a Certificate III in fitness. This is always going to be an essential part of the journey to becoming a fully qualified fitness trainer.

What Can You Do With A Certificate III In Fitness?

With this qualification, you will have the qualification you need to make sure that you are able to instruct and lead in the gym. You will ensure that you know how to demonstrate the correct exercise techniques and guarantee that your clients are adopting the correct stance or strategy.

As well as ensuring that clients are adopting the right techniques, gym instructors will work to supervise all clients in their care. The Certificate III in Fitness will show how to do this in a way that is effective and help you avoid making crucial mistakes.

What Will You Learn?

There are a number of skills that can be honed when you decide to enrol in this course. You will typically be provided with 30 hours of practical training. A significant level of the course can also be completed online so you can determine how you learn based on your individual requirements and personal commitments.

Through the training, you will discover how to adopt the correct exercise technique. You will learn under the full guidance of a fitness professional and you can advertise this when you begin to promote your services to clients. The hands-on experience can be provided in a gym-based environment. This ensures that you will know how to deal with real situations that you could face when you are operating in the gym. It will also allow you to gain key insights from personal trainers that have years of experience in this industry.

Gain The Qualification You Need For Additional Opportunities

With a Certificate III in Fitness, you will find that you are able to dramatically increase your potential and gain new opportunities in the fitness industry. For instance, you might find that you are now hireable to run interval training, spin classes, boxing and even pilates. This is going to ensure that you are not passed over for potential career opportunities while allowing you to build up your experience. You will even be able to operate as a group fitness instructor. This is the typical model for a lot of gyms and exercise businesses these days. So, once again, it’s going to improve your chances of being recruited.

Since this is a national qualification, you will also be able to operate anywhere, regardless whether you are located. As such, you will be able to move to where there is a high level of demand for this type of service from clients.

Finally, you will be able to make sure that you are able to move forward and progress to a Certificate IV in Fitness. This qualification is the minimum requirement to operate as a qualified fitness instructor and advertise yourself as such. You will be able to complete fitness assessments as well as specialised exercise programs. So, you will gain experience and knowledge in everything from motivational psychology to training legalities.

When you have graduated with both these qualifications, you are going to find the doors are wide open to you in the fitness industry. You’ll be able to shape your own path as a personal trainer.

We hope this helps you understand why the Certificate III in Fitness could be the right choice for you. If you are passionate about fitness and want to expand your horizons professionally, it’s a great option.