Hi, my name is Stewart and I’m the manager of the College of Health and Fitness. There’s a number of different ways that you might want to do your fitness course, a number of ways that you are going to complete it and potentially work in the industry.

So you could do your course while you’re at school. We’ve got a lot of school students, at grade 11 and 12 particularly who are doing their Certificate III in Fitness and wanting to have that contribute towards their school results and the points that they get when they can quit their schooling.

So we have those kids coming in here, those young people, coming in here during the week. Or they do the course at the school they’re attending and they do that with support from teachers at the school.

We also have people doing their Certificate III in Fitness as a traineeship. So traineeships is a way of actually working and undertaking the study whilst you’re working in the industry.

So employers put you on as a trainee, you undertake the Certificate III in Fitness and get qualified while you’re working in a genuine and a real gym environment.

We have support from government to undertake traineeships here, and we have a lot of young people who are doing their Certificate III in Fitness as a traineeship.

There are other ways of doing the course as well. You can do it obviously full time or part time or via correspondence.

We also have people who are getting funding from what’s called the Certificate III Guarantee, which is a Queensland government program that provides funding support for you to got through your Certificate III in Fitness. So we are one of the providers that have access to that funding which is going to make it more affordable for you to do your course.

So there are a number of different ways that you are able to do the course. A number of pathways that you can take, to end up getting the qualification if that’s where you want to go. Some of the people who do the course with us aren’t actually wanting to work in the industry at all.

They’re wanting to use the qualification to take it as a way of entering university and perhaps going on to do some university studies involving something like physiotherapy or exercise summits. This is perfectly legitimate and the skills that you’re going to learn while you do your Certificate III, whether that might be anatomy and physiology for example, are going to be really, really useful from here.

So there’s a number of different ways you might want to use the qualification. You don’t necessarily have to think about it just as wanting to go and work in the industry but it’s going to give you some skills, it’s going to allow you to take a pathway into an associated industry.

If you want to know a bit more information about those pathways or ways that you can use your Certificate III in Fitness, then give us a call here at the college on (07) 3385 0195. Or send us an email, enquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.edu.au.