The Diploma in Fitness is the ultimate course for the serious fitness professional.

Hi guys, my name’s Tony. I’m the owner of The College of Health and Fitness. Just talking about Diploma in Fitness courses.

Now we run Diploma in Fitness for us, and for you to enter into our Diploma of Fitness course you’ll need to have your certificate for your fitness, as well as a minimum of twelve months industry experience, before we allow you entry into our course.

The reason why we do that is so that you get the most value out of the course and you are able to then apply the skills that you have learnt in your twelve months working in the industry.

A number of other providers would have you enrolled straight within the diploma now, but for me, I have a little bit of a issue with that in the fact that you don’t have a lot of experience, you don’t have the skills in working with a range of clients, in order for you to get the value out of spending the extra money for a diploma.

Now when we talk about money for a diploma we don’t do VAT fee help and the reason why we don’t do VAT fee help is that at the end of the course we don’t want you having a debt hanging over your head that you have to pay off and accrued interest over a number of years.

So all of our course fees are stated in our brochures and there are a number of payment plan options and there’s also a discounts if you do pay upfront.

If you don’t have any other questions regarding our Diploma in Fitness course please give us a call on (07) 3385 0195 or send an email to,