Find out if the diploma in fitness is right for you – your lifestyle, your goals, your job opportunities.

Hi, I’m Tony from The College of Health and Fitness. In relation to our Diploma, now our Diploma course is one of the leading Diploma courses within Australia. The reason being is that it’s well regarded within the allied health industry and it allows you to work in conjunction with close alignment with physios, chiropractors and working in the secondary rehab phase.

You’re actually working with a number of clients who have a number of cardiovascular issues, diabetes other immune system issues, and you’re helping them progress from their current injury state or current illness state, into a health and wellness state. So providing them with a conduit between an injury and illness and back into main-stream fitness components or fitness industry.

What the Diploma also allows you to do, and how we have our Diploma structured, it also provides you with a number of business opportunities. In that we purpose out a business model for you and we provide you with structures and strategies and systems that you can put into place, that you can integrate straight into your business, into your personal training studio, from day one of your course.

That’s why it’s critical for us that you do have industry experience, and you are working within the industry, when you do start your diploma with us. That way it becomes more relevant to you, you come out of the industry, you come out of the course with something that the industry values, rather than completing a Cert III, IV Diploma with no industry experience.

One of the key factors that we often find with allied health professionals is that they regard our course quite highly because of the fact that we do require you to have the industry experience before you enter into our course. That way then you get better value for your money and you come out with a real experience that you can apply straight away from day one.

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