Hi, my name is Stewart and I am the manager at The College of Health and Fitness. If you started your fitness course somewhere else, and for whatever reason you can’t complete it with the college that you were working with, maybe your circumstances changed, you decided to move interstate, or you had a break because you had to change jobs or something like that.

Then you come to us and you say “Hey look, I’ve started somewhere else, am I able to continue my course with you?” the answer is, “Absolutely you can.” If you’ve got some statements of attainment, or some work that you’ve completed with another training provider, and you come to us and you show us that material, there are a number of processes that we can go through to recognise what you have done, and make sure you haven’t wasted your time.

So there are processes such as Recognition of Prior Learning, we can look at work experience you have done, we can do a Recognition of Current Competency, skills and abilities that you’ve already got. Or, we can look at the Statements of Attainment that you have already received and give you a credit for those, against the subjects that are in the course.

So certainly, don’t think that once you’ve started somewhere else that you’ve lost your opportunity, because all you’ve done is start, and then we can continue on with your course once you’re here. There may be some differences in some of the things you’ve done previously, and you may want to recover some of the bits and pieces that you’ve done before. We can certainly help you with that process, and make sure that you get a good a knowledge you’re going to need when you go out into the workforce and start to put those knowledge and skills into practice.

If you need anymore information about the sorts of processes that you can go through to have your current skills recognised, your current knowledge recognised, or what you’ve done with a previous provider recognised, then give us a call at the college on (07) 3385 0195 or send us an email, enquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.edu.au.