With more than thirty percent of adults obese and another 30 percent classified as overweight, there’s never been a greater need for fitness coaches. The world needs people who can train and motivate others to lose weight, regain their cardiovascular vigor, and build strength.

Choosing a career in fitness can be a rewarding experience. There’s a great need for people who have the skills to motivate clients and help them to achieve their body goals. Most people are unhappy with the way they feel and look and need a mentor who can help them pursue the lifestyle change they want.

But what about you? Why should you choose a career in fitness? What are the benefits to you personally? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why working as a trainer could be precisely the vocation you need.

You Make A Big Difference To People’s Lives

Although people are obsessed with the pursuit of money, wealth doesn’t count for anything if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it. Getting fit and staying in shape is essential if money is to make a positive impact on a person’s quality of life.

As a trainer, it’s your job to bring people back to a state of fitness and health that allows them to enjoy the money they have. With you by their side, they will be able to enjoy activities with their children, go for adventure holidays, and have more energy to pursue their work and relationships. What’s more, they’ll personally thank you for making such a big difference in their lives. As the weeks go by, you’ll be able to see the change in how they feel and look – something that is very rewarding for many trainers.

It Won’t Feel Like You’re Going To Work

Let’s face it: if you’re interested in a career in fitness, you already love training. Training is a passion for you and something that you do for love, not money. But when you choose a career in fitness, you get to both enjoy your passion and gain substantial financial rewards in the process. Not many people can say that.

Being a personal trainer doesn’t feel like you’re going to work. For many people, it’s more like a leisure activity: just going to the gym and training with somebody you know. You’ll get to enjoy all your favorite exercises and demonstrate proper form and technique to clients, just like you might if you currently train with a friend.

The Work Is Low Stress And High-Reward

US news network CNN said that personal training was among its top 20 career choices thanks to the low levels of stress and the high levels of job satisfaction. Personal training is a low-stress activity. Yes, like any job, there’s pressure to perform, but most clients know that the responsibility is on them to succeed, not on you. You play a supporting, mentoring role, and your performance has less to do with client outcomes and more to do with the way you interact emotionally with the person you’re training.

You Can Build Your Own Schedule

Are you the sort of person who dreads regular hours? Do you want more flexibility in your working life? If the answer to both of those questions is “yes” then a career in fitness might be a perfect choice. Although some fitness careers demand set hours, many personal trainers choose their own schedules. Clients book training times according to trainer availability, meaning that you can choose to take on new people as and when it suits you.

Your Job Is Secure

A career it fitness is, surprisingly, relatively secure. There are several reasons for this. Perhaps the most important is that personal trainers are not in competition with foreign workers in the same way as, say, a worker in a steel factory. Clients can’t easily choose to fly to another country and get trained by a personal trainer who charges a lower fee.

Another reason is that fitness is a growing industry. People are desperate to achieve their body goals, and there’s a greater need than ever before for trainers with advanced motivational skills to help them do it. As a personal trainer, you can rely on there always being a need for your services. And if the economy takes a turn for the worse, you can maintain your income by temporarily lowering prices.

You Get To Pursue Your Own Fitness Goals

Many fitness lovers who work regular jobs lament the fact that they don’t have all the time they want in the gym pursuing their fitness goals. But as a personal trainer, you can earn money to pay the bills and work out at the same time. You’ll spend many hours each day right there in the gym, giving you plenty of times to train and strengthen your body between seeing clients.

What’s more, the more you train, the more impressive your body will become, and the more sought-after your services will be. Clients want trainers who reflect their own body and fitness goals, so training helps you to invest in your future.

Say “Goodbye” To Stuffy Work Clothes

There aren’t many people who would choose to wear regular work clothes of their own accord. Pencil skirts and suit trousers aren’t exactly the most comfortable options. And whoever came up with the idea of a tie should be ashamed of themselves; making men wear a makeshift noose around their necks all day is hardly conducive to productive work. If you become a personal trainer, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable clothes for good. Shorts and a t-shirt will suffice.

Get A Recognised Qualification

The first qualification you have to get if you want a career in fitness is the Certificate 3 in Fitness. Once you’ve got this, then you’re free to take on clients, organize your own hours, or work for a local gym as a trainer. A fitness qualification sets you up for a long-term career, boosting your earning power in the future.