If you’re planning to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a sporting event, hiring a personal trainer is probably your best option. But while inexperienced fitness enthusiasts may assume that they are all the same, the truth of the matter is that your choice of PT is crucial.

When working out, your mojo counts for everything as it will spearhead your success even when times get tough. The wrong choice could be very bad indeed, and here’s why:

#1. You Won’t See The Type Of Progress You Crave

When placing your trust in a personal trainer, you expect them to help you unlock the very best results. However, PTs with limited experience and education in the field may provide a limited service by focusing on generic ideas rather than personalised ideas that’ll actually aid your cause.

Only a personal trainer that actively gets to understand your personal situation, including goals and limitations can offer the level of service you deserve. Sadly, anything less could encourage you to throw in the towel. After all, there’s little point in making the effort if you’re not going to see progress.

#2. You Won’t See Sustainability

While most people begin their fitness journeys with a focus on short-term gains, sustained results are the true hallmark of success. The wrong PT will – consciously or otherwise – be geared towards that initial transformation. Without the right long-term plan, this progress will soon be lost.

The best personal trainers tailor programs to the individual needs of each client, and this includes evolving the routines as you get fitter and stronger. Persisting with the same ideas in week 10 that were used in week 1 will naturally bring very limited results. Avoid PTs that fall for this trap.

#3. You Won’t Feel Motivated

The harsh reality is that only you are capable of dragging your butt to the gym. Nonetheless, when paying for a personal trainer, it’s important that they take accountability. If the PT is in it only for the paycheque, it’s likely that this element of the service will be lacking.

We all have days – or weeks – where we can’t be bothered. If your personal trainer allows you to keep skipping sessions or forget about nutrition, the whole purpose of taking your fitness game to the next level will be lost. When talking to a PT, their passion and human care should shine through.

#4. You May Get Ill Or Injured

Working out is designed to make you physically fitter while also bolstering your physical appearances. Sadly, it’ll be very difficult to see those rewards if you’re forced out of action due to illness and injuries. Bad personal trainers will often send you down that pathway by mistake.

Failure to respect your physical ailments and limitations, or simply failing to notice when your body is fatigued to the point where it needs to recuperate, can bring some very serious repercussions. A good trainer will respond to your body, your journey, and your needs. This will keep you on the right track indefinitely.

#5. You Won’t See Value For Money

We might not always like to admit it, but every decision is a financial decision. If you aren’t getting value for money, it’s likely to impact your mojo in a very negative manner. The poor financial aspects will play on your mind constantly, and it’s almost impossible to look past them. A bad PT will leave you feeling resentful.

Conversely, a great personal trainer will feel like your greatest ever investment. If they can help you unlock a better lifestyle and increased happiness while also showing you how to make savings elsewhere, such as nutrition and quitting bad habits, there will be an extra source of smiles.

#6. You Won’t Have Fun

Getting fit isn’t a short-term fix, it is a commitment to a new way of lie. So, if you cannot do it with a smile, it’s probably not going to work out for the long haul. Even with the best intentions, your mojo will soon suffer. Thankfully, the right PT will transform this from a chore into a hobby.

Conversely, a bad PT will leave you fearing the gym sessions. When it’s not fun, even the progress you see won’t make the process feel worthwhile. Given that getting fit is meant to actively improve your health and lifestyle, a lack of enjoyment simply isn’t an option.

Ultimately, then, finding the right personal trainer is one of the most important things you can do. Underestimate it at your peril.