Here are 10 things you learned in kindergarten that you never knew related to being a PT!

1. In kindergarten you learned how to count. Now, while many clients will disagree that their PT can count, especially when doing a high rep session, the majority of PT’s did learn to count while at Kindy and put that knowledge to good use training their clients.

2. While at kindergarten you also learn’t about time. You learn’t when it was time to eat and sleep and play. You learn’t when you have to be at Kindy and what time it finishes. Most PT’s will know how to manage their time and when a session starts and when it is due to finish.

3. Most PT’s have the eating part truly down pat. At Kindy you learn’t when it was time to eat and that eating regularly is important to provide you with energy to play. As a PT this knowledge is a good base for better understanding the relationship between food, exercise and health.

4. At Kindy you also learn’t that napping is important. PT’s have that down to an art form, needing to be able to nap in between clients so they can rest and recover ready for their next session.

5. You will also have learn’t how to write at Kindy and the amount of time spent writing programs for your clients as a PT is very high. Using programs or old fashioned pen and paper, writing is a skill that is used on a daily basis.

6. Sounds are also learn’t at Kindy and along with the occasional grunts and groans heard by a PT when training, they are often used to communicate quickly if the client is doing the exercise correctly or not.

7. You also learn’t to be accountable while at Kindy. Accountability is a life skill that all successful PT’s must have mastered. Not only are PT’s accountable to their clients they are also accountable to the club and club management.

8. Health habits are also learnt and consolidated at Kindy. Being healthy and displaying appropriate health habits are also critical to PT success.

9. Kindy is also one of the first institutions where you learn to make new friends and to socialize with others. If you have trouble making new friends and with socializing, then your PT business will well and truly suffer.

10. Finally, at Kindy the emphasis is on developing life long learning skills. This is the major skill that all successful PT’s have mastered. The amount left to learn hasn’t diminished between Kindy and now!

So what you learn’t at Kindergarten, and how well you learn’t it, will have a significant impact on your ability as personal trainer.