Ever wanted to know more about the Certificate Three or Four in Business. Here are some answers…

Hi. I’m Fiona. I teach the Certificate III and Certificate IV business courses here at The College Health & Fitness.

Certificate III in business is a brilliant introductory course that will help you get into a number of different roles in the workforce. Some of those are positions like data entry, payroll officer, front desk, receptionist, and there are a quite a few other types of roles that you can get into as well.

We cover customer service, all your basic software, occupational health and safety, and a number of other subjects as well.

From there, you can progress to Certificate IV in business. It takes it up a notch. From there, you can take on positions such as medical receptionist. You maybe can even get into office management. You take the subjects that you’ve done in Certificate III and you progress them a little bit.

Great opportunities are available to you once you’ve got those basic skills under your belt, and the world is open to you.

Ideal courses for those who have just finished school or who are looking at entering into the workforce again after taking a break for whatever reason you’ve taken a break.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the college on 3385 0195, or you email us at enquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.edu.au.