Hi, my name’s Dan from the College of Health and Fitness.

Today I’m going to talk to you about Cert IV in Fitness.

In the Cert IV Fitness we teach you some basics in exercise science, so it’s a more advanced anatomy than what you would learn in the Cert III course.

We talk about urges and stretches and the function of the muscle. So we can help tell you and let you understand, how that relates to when you are trying correct the client’s posture.

We also teach you advanced programming, so not only can you correct your client’s poor postural habits, but we can make sure that we can start to train some amateur athletes as well got those guards and lines.

We also teach you some more advanced exercise techniques, and we also get you to have an understanding of how it is to run a successful PT business.

For further information you can call the college on 3385 0195 or you can email inquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.gov.au.