Hi, my name is Stewart, I’m the manager of the College of Health and Fitness.

The first step in your fitness journey is to do a Certificate III in Fitness which we offer here.

Coming into Certificate III, you don’t really need any prerequisites to start that course. You can come straight from school. We have plenty of kids who are at school who are also doing the course. One of the questions that we get asked though is, “What’s it going to cost me?” So the costs can be subsidized by government funding.

There is a government program in Queensland that you may be able to access if you meet certain conditions, and that can bring the cost down to almost nothing.

If you’re actually having to pay for the course itself, then we can work out payment plans so that you can pay the course off over a time-frame or you can pay off the cost up-front.

So our prices are all advertised in our brochures and our website, and you can see those costs up front, before you’re ready to start the course. There’s nothing that’s hidden, we don’t add any extra costs to the course.

If you need to re-sit an exam or do a practical a second time, then all that’s included in the course. We provide all your course materials, the text book and all the information you are going to need to be able to do the course.

There’re a number of different ways that you can do the course. You can do the course by coming in here to do a face-to-face class, we’ve got classrooms here, we’ve got our trainers, and we have people coming in to do the courses full-time over a four-week period, every day of the week. We also have part-time classes that run, at the moment, on a Thursday at night. Though we’ve got other options as well, and we also have people who do the courses via correspondence, and we send the materials out to them, and they’ll be able to access some online resources shortly, as well.

So there’s a range of different options for you to be able to work out the best way for you to do the course.

If you need any more information about our Certificate III courses, then you’re welcome to ring us here at the college on (07) 3385 0195. Or you can send us an email at enquiries@thecollegeofhealthandfitness.qld.edu.au.