If you want to become a personal trainer, then you have to realise it’s a job that takes over your life. The most successful trainers all make sure they have solid routines to ensure they get the most out of every day and can train as many clients as possible.

We’re not going to walk you through an entire day as a personal trainer, but we will give you a typical morning routine. Check it out, and see what might be in store for you once you qualify!

6 am – Wake Up & Stretch

It may seem like an early start to the day, but if you go to bed early enough the night before, you can still get a good 8 hours of sleep in. If you have trouble getting out of bed when your alarm sounds, then I suggest setting it half an hour earlier and then giving yourself some time to chill before finally getting out of bed.

From here, you move straight into some light morning stretches. This is the best way to start your day as you get the blood pumping and limber up your joints. You don’t have to do some crazy routine here, just a 15-minute stretching and mobility routine will do. Make sure you focus on any problem areas, particularly the lower back, which gets tight when you sleep.

As part of this little routine, you could maybe do some soft tissue work with a foam roller or massage ball, just in case you have any niggling aches and pains when you wake up.

6:15 am – Shower

Next, you should hop in the shower to get yourself ready for the day ahead. Showers are most commonly known as liquid sleep in the personal trainer community. This is because you leave them feeling very refreshed, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before.

If you’re quick, it shouldn’t take you longer than 15-30 minutes to shower and get dressed. It’s worth noting that every shower should end with a period of cold water showering. This gives you extra energy and really helps you feel invigorated and ready to attack the day.

6:45 am – Breakfast & Emails

Before you make your breakfast, you should drink a cup or two of water. Remember, hydration is a vital part of nutrition, and you’ve just gone 8 hours without taking a sip of water. It’s easy to reach for coffee right away, but make sure you drink a few cups of water first.

Then, get started with a nutritious and healthy breakfast. There are loads of options here, and our advice is to only eat things you’d recommend to your clients. A big bowl of porridge, topped with some fresh fruit and nuts is a really great way to start the day. You get the good sugars from the fruit, protein from the oats and nuts, and some good fats from the nuts too. Plus, porridge is full of slow-release carbohydrates which help you stay full for longer. If you’re super tired, then some black coffee will also go down a treat here.

While you eat your breakfast, you should fire up your laptop and check any emails. Have a look at your phone too, to see if clients have text you or left any voicemails. Now is also an excellent time to check your schedule and see where you need to be for your first client of the day.

7:30 am – Meet Your First Client Of The Day

While most of the people you know are only just getting up, you’re heading out to meet your first client. As a personal trainer, you should try and see people as early as can be. If you wake up at 6 am, you’ve given yourself an hour and a half to get up, stretch, shower, eat breakfast, and head out to meet your client.

Naturally, seeing as they’re an early morning client, there might not be a gym nearby to train them in. So, you may have to get creative and train them in a park, or at their home. Early morning outdoor training is a great idea, for many reasons. It helps to get fresh air into their lungs, and there are usually hardly any other people around.

From here, your morning is very much in full flow, and it will usually be a case of moving from client to client until lunch time. Hopefully, this little routine has given you a sneak peek into life as a qualified personal trainer. If you want to get success out of this job, then you need to apply yourself to the role and let it be part of your life.