If you’ve earned your Cert 3 in Fitness, you’re already doing well. You have built the knowledge and skills you need to perform as a group, gym or aerobics instructor. Gaining your Cert Level 4 in Fitness, however, can provide you with the additional impetus that you need to take your career to the next level, earn more money, and do more enjoyable work.

Here are five great reasons to upgrade your Cert 3 to a Cert 4. Check out the following:

Learn How To Brand Your Own Fitness Business

While you can earn a living working in at a gym or a fitness centre, it’s not enough for some. Often you want to branch out, do your own thing, and create your very own fitness brand.

Cert 4 training is about more than merely providing fitness coaching services to clients. It’s about giving you the tools you need to approach building a holistic fitness business.

Cert 4 training gives you the tools to do this. On the course, you’ll learn about how to set up a fitness business, how to brand your services, and how to attract and retain clients.

Most personal trainers and fitness professionals don’t come from a marketing background. For many, it can be a challenge to know where to start when setting up an independent training company. Advertising and branding can be a real challenge.

Cert 4 enables you to build on what you learned during your Cert 3 training. It shows you how to effectively market yourself as a fitness provider, using a range of traditional and digital techniques. You’ll find out where you should spend money and how to use your advertising budget effectively.

Learn How To Manage Other Trainers

Cert 4 is also ideal for fitness instructors who want to further their careers. Most trainers don’t want to spend their entire working lives training individual clients. Many see themselves as managers, able to instruct full teams or oversee groups of professionals. With Cert 4, you can get on a career trajectory that takes you closer to your managerial goals.

Cert 4 gives you practical and actionable knowledge and skills that you need to manage other people. You’ll not only cover some of the administrative processes required to hire people in Australia, but you’ll also find out about management techniques too. The idea is to help you become a leader in the fitness space. You get the intellectual and emotional tools you need to align others with the goals of your business and your clients.

Get Access To A Wider Variety Of Roles In Fitness

As a career-orientated qualification, Cert 4 in Fitness provides you with an opportunity to work in a variety of roles. With it, you could become an outdoor group trainer, group fitness trainer, children and older adult trainer, or continue your work as a personal trainer. In short, Cert 4 training gives you more options than Cert 3 alone.

You might not be ready to make a transition to a different role just yet. With Cert 4 training going on in the background, you don’t have to. You’re able to learn at your own pace. You can conduct your studies alongside your regular role, build up the training that you need, and then make a move when you feel that you’re ready.

Gain Insight Into The Latest Fitness Knowhow

Your clients want you to be a guru – someone who can give them the answers to their most pressing diet and exercise questions. The problem is that the majority of fitness instructors are not equipped to provide them.

Cert 3 training is all about providing students with baseline training. It teaches you about the principles of exercise and gives you the knowledge you need to deliver classes. It does not, however, deal with issues on the forefront of exercise and nutrition science. Neither does it probe the science and provide you with insights that you can then share with the people you train.

Cert 4, however, goes into much more depth on nutrition and exercise issues. It teaches, for instance, the principles of anatomy, nutrition, physiology and fitness to provide you with a holistic picture of health and wellbeing. With it, you’re able to help your clients in more ways, provide them with bespoke nutrition advice, and help them bust through physical plateaus. You’ll learn all about the physiology of weight loss, why it’s so difficult for some people, and what trainers can do to help. You’ll even touch on the psychology of exercise, helping you not only become a font of knowledge but a motivating influence too.

Offer Your Clients A More Personalised Service

There’s a growing demand for trainers who can deliver a more personalised service to meet their needs. People are very diverse, and so it makes sense that the training offered by trainers be varied too.

Cert 4 gives you the intellectual and practical tools you need to provide training services to a variety of clients in your area. You’ll learn, for instance, how to deliver training sessions to elderly clients who may have special health concerns. You’ll also gain insight into how to coach people living with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

A Cert 4 in Fitness, therefore, enables you to differentiate your services from your competitors. While the majority of people might be going after the mainstream market of young, healthy professionals, you’re able to branch out and attract customers from different backgrounds. All of a sudden, you have a competitive advantage that you didn’t have before. You widen your client base, helping to expand your business.

Cert 4 also prepares you for some of the more unpredictable situations you’re likely to encounter in the field. The world of fitness can sometimes be a strange and challenging place. You can find yourself presented with situations you’ve not experienced before. Cert 4 aims to give you the knowledge and robustness to work independently with limited guidance with the most challenging clients. You’re able to provide more bespoke services to a broader range of people.